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Prescription Refills

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Express Prescription Refills

Your pharmacy team at Hill’s Drug Store is committed to helping you ‘keep it simple’. We invite you to take advantage of these medication management tools so that you can spend more time doing the things you love.

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We offer a variety of vaccinations to keep you healthy!

Appointments are not necessary for immunizations. Please bring your insurance card/identification with you. Depending on the number of customers getting their vaccinations at the time that you arrive, the process may take between 30 and 40 minutes.

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COVID & Flu Vaccines

Administration of COVID Vaccination
We are awaiting the newest Covid vaccine (Spikevax). Please call the pharmacy directly at 410-822-3700 for availability.

“Preservative Free” Flu Shots
Get seasonal protection against the most common strains of flu. This vaccination is offered yearly beginning in October to assure protection for the duration of flu season. This vaccine is “inactivated” so it is not possible to catch the flu from receiving it.

Other vaccinations offered

Other Services at Hill's Drug Store

Keeping it simple at hill's is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

calendar date prescriptions

SyncRX- Synchronize your Medication

calendar date prescriptions

SyncRX- Synchronize your medication One trip to the pharmacy each month or 90 days…how does that sound? The Hill’s ‘SyncRx Program’ allows your pharmacy staff to synchronize all of your maintenance medications to the same pick-up day each month or 3 months. This eliminates multiple trips to the pharmacy and reduces stress and confusion about your prescription pick ups. Your Hill’s Pharmacy Technician is available to answer any questions and enroll you in this simple time-saving program.

pill pack

Hill's Medication Packaging Services

pill pack

When you take advantage of ‘Right Dose, Right Time’ your medications and supplements are custom-packaged for you. This packaging service offers a simple alternative to having to fill cumbersome medication planners for yourself or loved ones. Hill’s ‘Right Dose Right Time’ packets organize prescription medications, vitamins, and over-the-counter tablets and capsules by day and time of dose in clear, plastic packs. Each pack is labeled with the patient’s name, day and time of dose, and drug information.

Traveling? You can easily take all of your medications and supplements with you in your ‘Right Dose, Right Time’ packs without all of those bottles and organizers! You’ll never have to wonder again whether you missed a dose or accidentally took it twice with Hill’s Right Dose Right Time Packs. Plus, it’s an ideal worry-free solution for elderly parents and relatives.

Medication delivery

Delivery Within Easton Area

Medication delivery

We can get your medications, supplements and even over the counter items delivered to your home or office Monday thru Friday. Call ahead to request a delivery. Delivery cut off is at 3pm each afternoon. We charge a modest $3 fee for this service. Please note- Hospice Care Delivery is not limited to Easton.